Ask what your nation can do for your people, not your people to do for you That how you are government worker, you own any share of any your stock marke 會場佈置ted, you are media, you need to demand your government stop ch 關鍵字排名arging any fee from anyone, you need to demand your government stop taxing anyone; you 找房子 dare allow anyone of foreigner to come to your place, you have to issue visa to anyone of them absolute Fre 辦公室出租e of Charge, you cannot afford to do it totally free of charge, you must not allow anyone to come to your place in any way.You gov 室內裝潢ernment can print as many Dollar Bill as needed, let your Bill less value than any real thing does not kill anyone of your national good remaining; allow your g 房屋買賣overnment to abuse public power to charge anyone any fee, to tax anyone any thing, your entire nation your entire soil your entire people must be sold out (because your governme 591nt abuse public power to charge anyone any fee to tax anyone any thing committed the crime of "Lie of Rebel" that is worse than anyone who carry gun to rob any banker or anyone of us; that how your 結婚西裝 military need to do the duty to order yoru government to stop taxing any thing, to stop charge any fee; if your military cannot have righteous guts to do that must needed righteous duty, all your military member must aban 租房子don his uniform and go Rebel immediately.) , your entire Earth must be burned down by the hottest Sun, not if but when.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 網路行銷  .

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